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The Best Way to Learn Chinese

The Best Way to Learn Chinese A lot of people regard Mandarin Chinese as a very difficult language. How hard is it to learn Chinese? Actually, Chinese is not as hard as you think compared with French, German or Spanish! Specially for people who take Chinese language course in Beijing or learn Chinese in [...]

Chinese Zodiac Signifies Character!

Zodiac Signifies Character When you take Chinese language course in Beijing, your friends might ask your Nǐ shǔ shénme? ( What is your Chinese zodiac ) ? Do you know your Chinese zodiac animal sign? The Chinese Zodiac, known as Sheng Xiao ( 生肖 ), is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year in that cycle related to an [...]

Chinese Class for Money from Beijing

Chinese Class for Money from Beijing Learn Chinese money! When buying things in Beijing, or other places in China, using Rmb, have you thought about what is shown on the back of China’s bills? Today's Mandarin Chinese class is about Chinese money. 100 Yuan-- the Great Hall of the People ( 人民大会堂 rénmíndàhuìtáng ) The [...]

Learn Chinese in Beijing for two hours

Learn Chinese in Beijing for Two Hours Can you learn Chinese in Beijing in  just two hours? What could you learn from those two hours of Chinese classes? What do you want to learn? What's your goal? You will be surprised to find out what you can learn in just two hours, take for example one of our [...]

Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing 2015

Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing 2015   Every year, Mandarin Zone School holds a Chinese Summer Camp from June to August. Students come from all different countries to enjoy a holiday while studying Chinese in Beijing. The Chinese Summer Camp merges Chinese language classes, the instruction in Chinese culture art and traditional crafts, guided excursions [...]

How to Learn Chinese

How to Learn Chinese! Chinese is far more different to European languages, lots of Westerners have managed to tame the language. How to learn Chinese is a frently asked question by our students. Lets start to learn Chinese from Pronunciation, Chinese character, reading, listening, grammar and sentence structure and speaking those aspects to [...]

The Most Common Chinese Radicals

The Most Common Chinese Radicals A Chinese radical is a graphical component of a Chinese character under which the character is traditionally listed in a Chinese dictionary. This component is often a semantic indicator (the meaning of the character), though in some cases the original semantic connection has become obscure owing to [...]

How to Learn Chinese Characters Effectively

HOW TO LEARN CHINESE CHARACTER EFFECTIVELY   You might feel Chinese character is so difficult to learn, like draw a picture, how to learn Chinese characters effectively and quickly?Answer is you understand Chinese character stroke, stroke order, Radicals of Chinese characters, Chinese character wont be difficult.   1, Character Stroke Order Writing characters in [...]

Introduction of Chinese Characters

Introduction of Chinese Characters Chinese characters are written in a shape of square, therefore they are known as square-shaped characters, each character consists of various strokes formed by different dots or lines as the basic components. If you plan to read or write Chinese characters, you will need to learn Chinese characters strokes and [...]

How to Improve your Chinese Pronunciation

How to improve your chinese pronunciation: Chinese Pronuncation is very important, tones are an integral part of Chinese language. Learningmandarin Chinese pronunciationhelps in improving your spoken Chinese!   1, Learn Pinyin. Not only is it used throughout this book to explain proper Chinese pronunciation, it is needed to look up words in dictionaries and for [...]