Mandarin Zone School has extensive experience in the provision of in-company Chinese language courses. Client companies can have their staff trained in small groups to raise the level of their language ability to a target standard. Chinese language training courses can be arranged for any number of staff and tailored to the strategic requirements of the client company. Corporate group training programs can be held on a company’s premises (in-company language courses) or at Mandarin Zone School conveniently located in Sanlitun.
 In-company Chinese language training can support a company’s training strategy in various ways. For example, it can develop the Business Language skills of a group of people working together on a particular project, or all the staff in a department where Chinese linguistic competence is required in a variety of Business Languages.

Here the key features of our Chinese language corporate programs:

  • Flexible schedules: you can decide where to have the Chinese class;
  • Available for all language levels and working backgrounds;
  • Small group classes (maximum 6 colleagues per class);
  • The course is covering speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  • A modern approach to the teaching of the language;
  • Available both for part-time and intensive schedule;
  • 1 on 1 courses available to suit the busy executives schedule;
  • Family members courses can be included in the program;
  • Professional and qualified teachers with possibility of specialized industry requirements;
  • At the end of the course you’ll receive a completion certificate.

How we work together:

  • Analysis of the needs: we listen to your needs regarding your and/or your companies’ required schedule and Chinese language learning targets;
  • Formal proposal: based on the information and previous analysis, we design your tailored study plan together with our quotation;
  • Trial Corporate Class: we will organize one trial class (50 minutes) at a place and time decided by you;
  • Contract: we will sign the cooperation contract and we will start to provide you our best teaching service regarding your Chinese language learning.


We cooperate with enterprises and government institutions in Beijing since 2008, here there are some of them:

embassy of sweden

embassy of switzerland

british chamber of commerce china


mercedes benz


China has the 2nd largest economy in the world and by the opinion of many economist is going to become the 1st in the next decade. Chinese is spoken by nearly 1.3 billion people and in this dynamic and globalized world, speaking foreign languages has become a strategic assets when it comes to boost a career. China is also a country full of business opportunities that, with a good level of Chinese, can become the reason of your success.
Since 2008 we had the chance to teach Chinese Language to professionals from different industries and a big share of our students are from Embassies and large Enterprises. This wide and varied teaching background allow us to really understand and be able to satisfy the learning needs of basically any professional who desire to study in our school. We have passionate and qualified teachers that are working here since many years and that were able to develop and adapt the right teaching method based on the students needs.
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We work with enterprises and embassies, find out more about how we can cooperate together
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