Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Websites

Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Websites! What are the most popular websites in China?In this article, we will introduce the top 10 most popular Chinese websites. It would helpful for foreigners who may want to live in China, but don’t know what websites to use.

1. Baidu – The Chinese Google;          2, QQ  –  Popular social website 3, Dianping – A Way Better Yelp;       4,  Sina – News and More 5, YouKu –  Chinese YouTube;           6, Jingdong – Amazon of China 7, Taobao – eBay of China;                 8. CTrip – China’s Best Travel Site 9, IFeng – News Platform;             10. 58TongCheng – Help your life in China

1, Baidu (百度 bǎi dù,  – The Chinese Google 

Most Popular Chinese Websites Beidu -like Google in the United States – has been the top search engine in China. It is used by millions of people everyday. The search giant ranks number five in the world in traffic and is the most visited website in China. People use Baidu to find more websites and services online. Compare to other Chinese search engine, Baidu seized the top market in Chinese search engine. It is not only used in China, but also used in in Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Baidu make money by providing advertising on the results of the search result. Robin Li (李彦宏 Lǐ Yànhóng) is a famous computer engineer in China, he co-founded Baidu. Nowadays, Baidu offers various services, including music, map, discussion forum, encyclopedia, images, video, etc., this is the most recommended website.

2, QQ (腾讯 téng xùn, )  – the most popular social website in China

QQQ is China’s largest portal in Chinese integrating news, interactive communities, entertainment products and widely-used basic services. QQ is most used as a online chatting software which similar with MSN and Skype. The website is also one of the top visited websites in China. Most young people in China use QQ in their daily life. There are many games and tools on this website. There are millions of people play games and have fun on it. Chatting through QQ is one of the most popular social events in China. If you are coming to China, you can see most people will use it in the web cafe.

3, Dianping (点评 diǎn píng, )  – A Way Better Yelp

Most Popular Chinese Websites Dianping – China’s top group deals sites. It focuses on restaurant reviews, like Yelp, and has a presence in more than 1,100 cities across China. Dianping also has a well-developed rewards and membership system as well as an analytics platform for business owners and even a popular group-buying (known in Chinese as 团购 (tuan2 gou4)  page that allows users to get hefty discounts at restaurants if they all use the service. Everyone uses Dianping; group chat discussions of where to eat are a never-ending stream of Dianping links or screenshots.

4, Sina (新浪xīn làng, ) – News and More

sinaSina, known in Chinese as 新浪 (new wave),like a Chinese Yahoo.It is a comprehensive information website in China, providing entertainment, news, sports, social events, education, life, story and more than hundreds of content in China and the world. It is most famous for its sport news and event report. Most sport lovers will access to the website everyday. Now it’s Weibo(similar with twitter) become the number one in China. The website aims to provide the comprehensive information for the Chinese worldwide.

5, YouKu (优酷 yōu kù, – Chinese YouTube

Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Websites Youku -like youtube in the United States – the top visited video website in China. Youku – It literally means “excellent and cool”. You can see most videos on this website for free. People upload their videos and share to other poeple. You can also download the videos you like for free. If you want to watch a Chinese TV show, the best website is Youku. Youku is ranked #79 globally in traffic and #6 in China. From TV shows to movies to music, Youku has it all ready to stream, similar to YouTube in the U.S. Due to copyright reasons in recent years, Youku now only allows people in China to watch its videos, which led its search traffic to decrease by 10%. The average time spent on the site also decreased by 0.38%, giving other video websites an opportunity to rival Youku.

6, Jingdong (京东 jīng dōng, – Amazon of China

Most Popular Chinese WebsitesJingdong -like Amazon in the United States – the top visited e-commerce sites in China. Jingdong is one of the largest B2C online retailers in China. Its English website, for worldwide shipping, launched on October 18, 2012.The company was founded by Liu Qiangdong (a.k.a. Richard Liu) in July 1998, and its B2C platform went online in 2004. It started as an online magneto-optical store, but soon diversified, selling electronics, mobile phones, computers, etc. Jingdong Mall changed the domain name to in June 2007, and to in 2013.

7, Taobao (淘宝 táo bǎo, – eBay of China

Most Popular Chinese Websites Taobao is the online shopping destination of choice for Chinese consumers looking for wide selection, value and convenience. It is the most popular C2C (consumer-to-consumer) online marketplace in China, similar to eBay. Taobao allows small business and individuals to set up stores on the platform, products or service sellers can display their items for sale or resale on the Taobao online shops. Cheap consumer goods are popular on Taobao, and this includes everything from intimate apparel to home goods.

8, CTrip (携程 xié chéng, – China’s Best Travel Site

ctCTrip literally “to go the distance, is a useful and reliable travel website. It has a top-shelf English version (as well as German, French, Vietnamese and Russian localizations, among others) that usually has the same prices as its Chinese counterpart, another rarity here in China.

9, iFeng/FengHuang (凤凰 fèng huáng, – News Platform

ifIfeng/ FengHuang is a Hong Kong-based group or television stations that maintains an increasingly popular website targeted primarily at the Mainland. English name is Phoenix Television. A general news site for the most part, iFeng has made inroads in China by sharing occasionally controversial news and insights that its Mainland counterparts are often unwilling to, all without drawing too much attention or scorn from the authorities.

10, 58TongCheng (58同城tóngchéng, – Help your life in China

Most Popular Chinese Websites like It is a classified advertisements website. Its services include housing, finding jobs, second hand sales, games, etc. A very useful tool for living in China. Tongcheng means “same city” in Chinese, is a well-designed tool for connecting people living in the same city. The users post listings on its marketplace covering a range of services and products on its Website, the Company organizes the listings on its marketplace by content categories, such as jobs, housing, used goods, automotive, yellow pages, pets and ticket., it doesn’t take much time or effort to find what you need and get the contact details of the person who has it. The Company’s online marketplace enables local merchants and consumers to connect, share information and conduct business. Tell us what is your favorite Chinese websites!