The 6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese!

You had to walk around with a bag of dictionaries and books in order to study Chinese in the past. The birth of apps have emerged over the years that will help you improve your Chinese. Do you know the 6 best apps to learn chinese! We are going to introduce you the 6 best apps to learn Chinese.

1, Pleco – Dictionary (Android & IOS)

The 6 best apps to learn Chinese


Pleco is the dictionary to go by for anyone studying Chinese, either elementary, intermediate or advanced level. You can use it to learn different phrases, characters, and words, and create flashcards, take tests, and really explore different parts of the Chinese.  With its great range of dictionaries and handwriting recognizer, this is the essential dictionary app.

For looking a word up you can either enter it in Chinese or English. If you’re looking something up in English, you can use the keyboard or microphone. When it comes to Chinese, you do the same thing. You also can look up a word by using the strokes in the character. There’s a grid that starts from one stroke all the way to seventeen. You can draw the character on the screen, and no matter how sloppy, it’ll catch your handwriting and match it to the character. Pleco also give you every version of the word since words can have different translations.

2,  Memrise- Learn efficiently new vocabulary (Android & IOS)

The 6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese!


Memrise- It has tons of user created courses. These can be anything from characters to restaurant items to slang words. It’s sort of a gamified flashcard system that you can use to learn new characters, making learning fun which is always the problem.

Memrise starts off with learning new words, you hear them and learn how to spell them. When you’ve fully learned the word a flower on the screen goes into full bloom. There are classic reviews which give you random words you’ve learned through the course of using the app. The speed review is pretty fun. During the speed session, it gives you lives and puts you on a timer to choose the right answer.

3, TCB – App to learn reading and listening Chinese (Android & IOS) 

The 6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese!Website:

The Chairman’s Bao app (TCB) is one of the 6 best apps appsan online newspaper that has been simplified for people learning Mandarin. The newspaper publishes news on very diverse subjects which are written in Mandarin by native Chinese professors using the HSK vocabulary list.

TCB solve this problem by categorizing news into different HSK levels (1-6). The first sample in each level is free. But you will need to subscribe to read more. TCB also provide the audio recording of the article read by a native speaker which is a great way to improve your listening.

They have news from various industries – business, technologies, fashion and so on. The news is not that long: would take about 10 minutes to read. They usually update 5 to 6 news for each level every day. This App provides live dictionary which you can use to retrieve definition instantly, it also offers a complete HSK level-targeted list of grammatical explanations for each lesson.

 4, Skritter: App to learn how to write Chinese characters  (Android & IOS)

The 6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese!Website:
Skritter is the best app out there to learn how to write Chinese characters.

Skritter is simple. It makes you learn by writing the characters by hand. I t guides you through the writing stroke order and also gives you constant feedback. You can learn Chinese characters from 100 of famous textbook vocab list. You can also learn tonnes, definition, pinyin at the same time in this Chinese app.
Skritteral will tell you how many wrongs you have last week and how much you improve this week. So sometimes it becomes a little bit addictive (in a good way); wanting to compete against my past scores.

5, FluentU– Learn Chinese with videos (Android & IOS)

The 6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese!

The main goal of FluentU is to improve your language level through immersion in the language (For real-world immersion). To do this, they have designed a learning system whose main learning material is a selection of videos with subtitles adapted to all language competency levels.
A “learning centre” where you can study all the vocabulary from each video in a built-in flashcard system.

FluentU developed a perfect app to complement its study program. However, the app is only available for Apple devices with iOS8 minimum.

6,  Hello HSK — Preparing For HSK  (IOS)

The 6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese!

The 6 Best Apps to Learn Chinese!

Hello HSK courses are the training courses for students who intend to take part in the HSK (Chinese proficiency test). The courses include a unique classification learning system with a 4-million-word question bank and meticulously explained answers, 30 sets of simulated tests as well as 60 sets of past exam papers. Hello HSK courses are separated into 6 levels, from level 1(the entry level )to level 6 (the highest level).
When you want to get HSK, no matter which level, the most important thing to do is do as many tests as you can. Because no matter how good you are at Chinese, a test is a test after all. It’s all about finishing it on time, be concentrated and be familiar with the rules.

There are 6 best apps to learn Chinese. We hope this article helps you choose which app to use for learning Mandairn.  A famous saying by Mao Ze-Dong (Chairmen Mao) “Study hard and make progress every day!  ( hǎo hǎo xué xí, tiān tiān xiàng shàng 好好学习,天天向上) “! Remember to learn Chinese every day. Good luck!