Mandarin Zone School provides Chinese language courses  for non-native speakers from all over the world since 2008 .

Beijing is the capital of China and the birthplace of Mandarin Chinese. If you are looking for Chinese language course in China, then Beijing is the best place to go. We have been teaching Mandarin for over 10 years and have successfully integrate students from different countries.

Need to improve your Mandarin Chinese quickly or are involved in business practices that require constant communication with Mandarin speakers? A full time intensive Chinese course is right choice for you! Intensive Chinese course are condensed and packed with so much information. It will help you make rapid progress in short time. We offer variety of Chinse courses, Speaking Chinese, HSK preparation course, business Chinese, Chinese course for children, Online Chinese, specialized classes and more. If you want to find accommodation or Chinese immersion program, then Homestay program is the right one for you. By living with a Beijing family, you will learn Chinese faster because you’ll be forced to use your Mandarin language skills every day and naturally focus on practical Chinese skills.

Chinese level assessment will be made with us via Skype or Zoom from your home before coming to Beijng, in order to understand your current level. We will prepare your lessons exactly according the result and your learning goal.

Whether you prefer a group Chinese language course or private Mandarin Chinese lessons, we provide both here at Mandarin Zone School. Private tailor-made course will meet your personal needs and move at your pace, 100% of the attention is on you, which can help you progress much quicker. In Chinese group class, your will make friends and interact with classmates, this allows for a relaxing atmosphere. Full time intensive Mandarin Chinese courses are as below
– Private class: 20 hours of  Chinese lesson from Monday to Friday; 30 hours of  Chinese lesson from Monday to Friday;
– Group class:  20 hours of  Mandarin lesson from Monday to Friday
Our students talk about learning Chinese with us!

Chinese group course and private lessons are all taught by our passionate teachers with years of teaching experiences at our School in the Sanlitun area, Beijing’s most popular areas for foreign expats, close to the Central Business District. Many western and Chinese restaurants, bars and shops nearby our school. Tuanjiehu Metro Stop on Line 10 is right next to our School building.

The main features of our intensive Chinese language courses in Beijing

  • 4 group classes a day from Monday to Friday;
  • One-on-one lesson ( 4 or 6 classes per day);
  • 50 minutes per lesson with 10 minutes break;
  • Certified teachers (BA/MA) with years of teaching experiences;
  • The course covers speaking, listening, reading and writing;
  • Teaching methodology –  Communicative Teaching Method
  • All levels from Beginner to advanced;
  • All year round applications;
  • Two weeks up to one year or longer;
  • Fast-paced;
  • Teachers speak English or other languages;
  • You’ll receive a completion certificate;
  • Quality school with a friendly atmosphere and excellent teachers

Group Class VS 1 on 1 class: which one is the right option for my  Chinese language course?

1 on 1 Class

  • Personalised Chinese class;
  • More focused teaching;
  • 100% of attention placed upon you;
  • The lessons move at your pace;
  •  More flexible to the needs of the student;
  • Quick progress;

Group Class

  • More interaction with others;
  • A chance to make new friends;
  • Shared teaching environment ;
  • Otheres ask different question, learn from each;
  • 2 – 6 students, averaging 3 people;
  • A relaxed learning environment;


Our tailor made Chinese course allows students to have the opportunity to learn Chinese according to their specific needs and requirements. This course is designed for the students who want to have a study plan created based on their goal and objective or simply to a very specific field related to their studied major or their working industry.

  • Classes according to your schedule;
  • The course covers topics and objects required by the student;
  • A specific and professional approach to the teaching of the language;
  • Specialist teachers are available to suit many industries field;
  • Individually focused teaching, quicker progress;
  • All levels: from absolute beginner to advanced;
  • All year round applications;
  • At the end of the course you’ll receive a completion certificate;

Case History

One of our student is a lawyer from an International firm that signed a JV with a Chinese firm. He needed a tailor made plan focused on studying Chinese plus all the law specific related terms that were useful for his job. We used the specific textbook for lawyer that are used in the Chinese Law University. He is currently working between Beijing and Shanghai, studyng with us two weekends per month.
A big Chinese company specializing in oil exploration hired onf of our students. He needed a fast and effective Chinese tailor made course to mast a survival Chinese and most of all, vocabulary related to his field. He is working between Beijing and the desert of Qinghai province, taking Chinese class with us on the weekend and online.
One student working for a Private Equity Fund. We tailor made a program focusing on financial and business related Chinese, arranged a teacher who majored in Finance and Mathematics from Beijing University. After a intensive year study, he was able to comfortably supervise the Beijing office independently.

Testimonials on The Beijinger.

Testimonials on Go Overseas.


Mandarin 1-on-1 Courses (start on any Monday)
– Free assessment and Chinese course design                          – Duration: one week to one year                  – 24/7 support
– Standard course: 4 lessons per day, 20 lessos per week;        – Intensive course: 6 lessons per day, 30 lessos per week;

All prices are listed in CNY (Chinese Yuan)

1-on-1 Course
2 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks +1 Week
4 Classes /day 11,650 21,900 38,800 4,550
6 Classes /day 17,460 32,850 58,200 6,800

Group Course
– Free assessment and course design              –  Duration: one week to one year               – 24/7 support
–  4 lessons per day, 20 lessos per week          – 2 – 6 studens, averaging 3 students

2024 Chinese Course Starting Dates

January 15 – February 19 – March 11 – April 15 – May 13 – June 17- July 15 – August 12 – September 16 – October 14 – November  11 – December 16

All prices are listed in CNY (Chinese Yuan)

Group Course 2 Weeks 4 Weeks 8 Weeks +1 Week
4 Classes /day 6,200 1,1750 21,300 2,400

Mandarin Zone School can provide Airport Pickup/Drop-off for the international students, cost does not included in the courses price.

Learn Chinese in Beijing, you will need a place to stay. Mandarin Zone have partnership with Home Link Real Estate and dozens of Beijing families, to provide the best accommodation solution to suit your needs. We offer homestays/hotel accommotion options.

Accommodation options for your staying in Beijing



The HSK, hànyǔ shuǐpíng kǎoshì is a standardized international Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers that assesses their abilities in using Chinese language in their studies, work and personal life. If you want to certify your Chinese language level you can apply for HSK Test.

Mandarin Zone School provides HSK Preparation Course


Mandarin Zone School organizes cultural activities related to different aspects of Chinese culture: painting, calligraphy, Kung Fu shows, Taichi, watching acrobatics, eating different food and more. On the weekend our excursions to popular destinations and explore the outskirts of Beijing…(Great Wall, Longqing Gorge and others).

Notes: Extra charges for entrance tickets, food, transport or overnight stay may be collected.

intensive chinese course1“We spent two beautiful weeks in Beijing! We were living in a very nice family ( Tang and Sue were very kind people).

We took Chinese lessons in Mandarin Zone School. A very serious school and the teachers were very professional.

Thank you for all!”

-Airane and Laurent (French)

intensive chinese course1“Mandarin Zone was a great place to get 1 on 1 private classes for learning Chinese. The programs are really effective and in a month my Chinese was noticeably better than it was before. The teachers are great, set effective homework that get you to practice the important things, and you can tell they are very experienced. It was much better than other Chinese schools I went to in China.

There are also group courses which further encourage conversing in the language in an open environment.”

– Oliver (New Zealand)

intensive chinese course3
“I spent 4 months at Mandarin Zone School, the lessons are well-organized, the staffs are friendly and helpful. My teacher was skillul and patient and really helped me to improve my Chinese and I ‘ve passed the HSK examination with a high score!

I had a great experience in the school and highly recommend Mandarin Zone School!”

-Adeline (German)

    Frequently Asked Questions

Chinese classes take place at Mandarin Zone School, downtown area of Beijing (Sanlitun Embassy).
When the classes are over, you are already in an area where you can find everything: restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, bars, clubs and much more.
Exit B, Tuanjiehu subway station, Line 10 is downstairs of School building, it is very convenient to visit Beijing.

Communicative Teaching Method We focus on improving students′ ability to communicate in Chinese, with a high emphasis placed on a more communicative method. This means that during class teachers will create, through active teacher-student communication, an enjoyable and learning-focused environment to expand what the students′ have learned. Students′ language skills are enhanced through practice with the teacher and classmates in simulated situations, such as interesting conversational role play, games etc. By practicing with maximum opportunity to speak Chinese, students′ ability to communicate in Chinese greatly improves.

Our teachers
 – Hold a University Degree, specialized in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
– More than 5-10+ years teaching experiences along with being able to speak good English
– Some have received the Certification in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (Advanced).
– They have profound theoretical knowledge and passionate about teaching Chinese

For totally beginner, teachers will use English as medium language, body language, pictures, and videos to help students understand Chinese language. With student’s Chinese level increased, English are rarely used, Chinese will be used as much as possible as a targeted language, you will be able to understand and speak more and more Chinese day by day!

Before coming to Beijing you will take an assessment with our teacher to understand your Chinese level, the personal assessment will take place via Skype, Zoom or Wechat, some questions and basic conversation. We will prepare your Chinese lesson  in Beijing according to the result.

Yes, please take a note when you fill out the registration form.

Yes, we provide accommodation in Beijing

Host families in Beijing are carefully chosen, we have partnership with dozens of Beijing local families that are very happy to welcome you into their home. You will have breakfast and dinner with the family (included in the cost of the homestay) so every day you will have the chance to eat many different Chinese authentic dishes.

Host families are within 30 minutes to MZ School, one subway station is downstairs of School building, very convenient in Beijing.
Let us know your preference for the host family when fill out the registration form.

All legal Chinese Visas are acceptable! If you come to China for a short-term visit, a tourist L visa is good, also it is easy to acquire, contact us if need any help from our side.  To apply for visa, you will need to submit your application to the Chinese Visa Office in your area. Please consult your local Chinese consulate or embassy where you reside.


For students who are abroad, you can pay by transfer, WesterUnion or Paypal in EUR or USD.
For students who are already in Beijing, or you have friends in Beijing, we accept cash, debit card,Wechat Pay, Alipay in CNY.
Bank service fees will be to the account of the student.


Apply now to one of our programs and start to learn Chinese in Mandarin Zone School!