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These are the faq that are usually asked by our students before coming to Beijing.

To find more information about our school and China you can also check our FacebookLinkedin and Google Plus pages.

Since 2008 we had the chance to teach Chinese Language to people from all over the world, with many different age range, from beginner to advanced, from students of plenty university’s majors to professionals from different industries (a big share of our students are from Embassies and large Enterprises). This wide and varied teaching background allow us to really understand and be able to satisfy the learning needs of basically any students who desire to study in our school. We have passionate and qualified teachers that are working here since many years and that were able to develop and adapt the right teaching method based on the students needs.
The students are our best testimonials and we believe you will see great results if you decide to study with us.
How many students do you have and where do they come from?

Since 2008 we had the chance to cooperate in total with more than 1500 students, which come from  nearly every part of the world but mostly from Europe and USA.

We are conveniently located in Sanlitun (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanlitun) Embassy’s Area (2 minutes walking from Tuanjiehu Subway Station Exit B): all the foreign embassies and many international companies are here, and this is probably the most famous hangout for foreigners in Beijing.  Using the subway is the most convenient way to move around in Beijing and, when the classes are over, our students are already in an area where they can find everything: restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, bars, clubs and much more.

Our business hours are from 9am to 9pm on weekdays, and from 10am to 4pm on weekends.

We don’t have any special requirements about the visa in order to study in our school: if you are already in Beijing and you would like to study with us, we can help you to extend your visa; if you plan to come to China and study Chinese in Mandarin Zone, please contact us so we can support you in your Visa application.
You can find all the information about your China’s visa at http://www.visaforchina.org/

How can I apply for a course?

If you are abroad you can apply online through our dedicated page; if you are already in Beijing you can come directly to our school and sign up for the course you prefer. 
For abroad students we require, after have confirmed the chosen programs, a 100 % payment of the tuition fees and of the accommodation.

In order to guarantee a smooth application, we recommend that students apply two to three months before they plan to arrive in China. However, applications can be submitted anytime before the intended starting date.

We have Standard and Intensive Chinese courses for adults and Summer Camp for kids and teenagers. 
For both standard and intensive Chinese courses we have small group classes and 1 on 1 classes; for that students who can’t come to Beijing we also have the option for Chinese online courses.
For the students who want to attend the HSK test we also have program designed for them.

Our standard Chinese program has a schedule of 4 hours per day in the morning, from Monday to Friday and it’s mostly designed for the students who plan to stay in Beijing for  a long period of time and together with a solid studying schedule need also enough time to review their Chinese classes and practice their Chinese language while exploring the city in the afternoon.

For the students who have a limited amount of time to stay in Beijing we suggest the intensive Chinese course which has a 6 hours daily schedule from Monday to Friday; this program is designed in order to achieve fast result in a shorter period of time compared to a standard course schedule.

If you have a specific study path in mind (for example a particular industry field or preparing for a certain exam), we would recommend our tailor made course:  very flexible and designed on your goals and needs.

If you like a fixed class schedule and classmates to study with, the  group class will be the best choice for you: with maximum 6 students to ensure a better learning environment; if you prefer a more focused and faster leaning option we recommend the 1 on 1 class option for both standard or intensive course: you will make impressive progress in a very short time due to the tutoring a teacher dedicated to your study plan.

Mandarin Zone requires each student to organize her/his own health insurance, which will be valid for the duration of the program.

We group students according to the students’ level and our classes have an average of 3 students, with a maximum of 6 students per class.

All our classes are  taught in Chinese to give students a fully immersive Chinese environment. Even for absolute beginners, our teachers will limit their English only to few words and they will use pictures, videos, gestures and body language to help students to learn. As your Chinese level increase, less and less English will be used in your classes and you will be able to understand more and more every day.

We advise you to visit your doctor prior to travel to check with them which vaccinations they recommend. Be aware that for some vaccinations, you may need to go over several weeks, so make sure you check with your doctor far enough in advance.

Most of our teachers are cooperating with us since 2008 and they all have a long experience in teaching Chinese to foreign students. All of them hold a bachelor’s degree and the majority also a Master’s. We think that our best references about our teachers are the students of Mandarin Zone: check out our testimonials!

In the event of illness, a representative from Mandarin Zone will take you to the hospital if required and will help you to acquire any medicine you need.

You can find all the information about the pricing for our different Chinese Programs options here.

Yes, we can provide both airport pick up and drop off services. Just let us know your departure or arrival information at least 2 weeks in advance, and we will promptly get back to you with pricing information.

We can arrange several accommodation options including homestays and several different types of hotel accommodation to suit all budgets and individual needs: at this page you can find all the info you need with our comprehensive guide to accommodation.

We cooperate with dozens of families since 2008; they are all local Beijing families and are already many years that they welcome foreign students in their home so they will let you feel welcomed and most of all they will help you to faster your learning of Chinese. You’ll have your own private bedroom with free Wifi, 24 hours hot water, air conditioning and a shared bathroom. Check out more about our homestay accommodation option.

For all students, we can offer airport pick-up and drop-off, to ensure everyone gets to their accommodation safely.  For those staying in our apartment accommodation, you will stay in an apartment with other Mandarin Zone students. If you are in a home-stay, you will be shown how to get to and from the school. Under 18s, will be escorted to and from campus each day. Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the host family.

Yes you can find you own accommodation, but we recommend for the students who are going to stay in Beijing less than 3 months to arrange the accommodation through us basically for one very simple reason: majority of landlord won’t accept to rent out their house for only 3 months and, even they do, the rent is going to be much higher than a standard rate. You can see our accommodation options here.

Please refer to our terms and conditions page for all the detailed information about our policies.

If a student is unhappy with the teacher assigned by Mandarin Zone, the student can request a change of teacher. Please check our terms and policy page for more detailed information.

If you will leave Beijing, you have two options: we can convert your remaining class into our online classes or you can transfer the remaining classes to your family or friends who are in Beijing.

For all our programs, if you choose a fixed schedule we normally assign a teacher to the group in order to see your improvement since the beginning and act according to it. If your schedule is not fixed, and vary week by week, we usually have two teachers assigned to one single student in order to be able to cover any possible arrangement. Of course in case of major force events if the teacher assigned to the group can’t come for that day we will have another teacher ready to take over the class. Most of our teachers are working with us since 2008 and are reliable and professional and ,most of all, are passionate about their job to teach Chinese to foreign students.

Only for the students already in Beijing we can arrange a free trial class in our school. We are sure that if your try us you will want to join Mandarin Zone.

Please refer to our terms and conditions page to see all the details about our policies.

Each class lasts 50 minutes and between two classes there 10 minutes break: this time is necessary for the students to rest a while and at the same time to digest what they have learnt for 50 minutes.

Standard course are 4 hours per day from Monday to Friday: both group and 1on1 classes;
Intensive course are 6 hours per day from Monday to Friday: both group and 1on1 classes;

Our tailor made program is designed on you, so you will decide the schedule most suitable for you: for this program we require a minimum of 10 classes per week.

For students who are already in Beijing, we accept both cash and credit cards, which can be any Chinese cards, VISA and MasterCard.
For students who are abroad, we will send you a link and you can pay the tuition online, in this way, only Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB can be accepted. You can also pay by bank transfer or through PayPal.

Every student’s learning rate is different cause it depends upon many different factors, like how many class attended every month and of course every student has his own aptitude toward foreign language learning.
Based on our experience with our standard course of 20 classes per week, a student can reach a survival Chinese level in more or less 2 weeks; with this level the student can hang around Beijing and have simple daily communication in Chinese (self introduction, ordering food, asking directions, shopping, expressing simple topics related to daily life, etc).

We had lot of students who have studied with us preparing for the HSK and passed the test successfully. We will create a study plan tailored to your Mandarin level in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Checkout out our dedicated HSK page to find out more information about the HSK test.

With our corporate programs we offer the chance for the student to have class in its own office: check out the related page and see how your company and our school can cooperate together.

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