Best Free Online Resources for Learning Mandarin Chinese

Many online resources for learning Chinese appears , let’s have a look the 6 best online resources for learning Mandarin Chinese.

1, Chinese Pronunciation Wiki and Chinese Grammar Wiki

online resource learn ChineseChinese Pronunciation Wiki is free resource offered by AllSet Learning. You will find detailed explanation of all Chinese sounds and tone.
Four tones (四声 sìshēng) is the most difficult part when people start to learn Chinese, also the “Zh, Ch, Sh and Z, C, S, J, Q, X sounds, check out the page about it and a Pinyin Chart, it will help you understand a lot about Chinese pronunciation.
I quote John Pasden (founder) : “mastery of Chinese pronunciation is a long-term endeavor.”

Chinese Grammar Wiki was launched in early 2012, another free resourced offered by AllSet Learning, very young but very comprehensive resource on Chinese grammar. They present Chinese grammar in a very structured way, the explanations are impressive. You will find Chinese grammar points from A1 to C1, the grammar points are neatly.
ba sentences (把字句) and bei sentences (被字句) is very difficult, we would like to recommend you to check the website.

2, Sinosplice 

Sinoplice dedicated to Chinese learning, is the blog of John Pasden, the founder of AllSet Learning.As a linguist, John arrived in China in 2000 and start to share his tips on learning Chinese from 2002. His explanations is technical and precise.

3, Hacking Chinese

Online Resources for learning Chinese


Hacking Chinese a very rich selection of articles and resources related to learning Mandarin Chinese , with a focus on methods/strategies for learning. It has something for all levels and is well worth checking out.

4, Chinese Boost 

Chinese Boost is a Chinese learning website with resources on how to learn Chinese and materials you can use to do that. This website focus on Chinese-grammar-explaining, all content is free, and lots of useful information to help you learn Chinese.

Online Resources for Learning Mandarin Chinese

5, Just Learn Chinese   

Short Stories is a project of Grace Feng, author of the blog “Just Learn Chinese”. Gloria publishes on a regular basis short stories in Chinese, arranging them in order of difficulty. For each story you’ll find the Chinese characters, pinyin and the English translation.

6, Dig Mandarin 

DigMandarin was made in 2013, it has already welcomed more than 30 contributors, contains comprehensive articles on Mandarin Chinese learning skills along with case studies, reviews of the latest popular Chinese textbooks or tools, and advice direct from the professional Chinese language experts, Chinese video lessons, learner community, etc..

Thanks for reading! Some online resource for learing Mandairn Chinese and Apps are also good tools. Let us know if you think we should put add!