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Our Chinese Summer Camp Program merges intensive Mandarin class, various ­Chinese cultural activities, sporting activities, opportunities to make new friends and visiting historical and modern sites in Beijing. The program is for children from 7 to 17 years old. Get ready for your future!

Students study Mandarin for three class hours in the morning at our language school, teachers will create an enjoyable and focused learning environment, allowing students to rapidly improve their Chinese level. Chinese culture class or city trips take place in the afternoon. Day trips on the weekends, parents are welcome to join!
Our mission is to create a safe and valuable Chinese language-learning environment for children!

Specialized Chinese textbooks for different ages and levels, Chinese courses for children are all taught by our patient  teachers with years of teaching experiences at our School in the Sanlitun area. Many western and Chinese restaurants and shops located nearby school. Tuanjiehu Metro Stop of Line 10 is downstairs of the School building.

Benefits of Summer Camp for Chinese language learners and more information, please check our Blog! Book the Chinese Summer Camp Beijing NOW and get a special camp discount! Contact us!

Here the key features of our Chinese Summer Camp

  • Summer camps run from June to August;
  • Students aged 7 to 17 years old;
  • Learn Chinese in the morning;
  • Cultural activities/ trips in the afternoon;
  • 1 week to 4 weeks or longer;
  • Fun and safe learning environment;
  • Weekends trips to the outskirts of Beijing… like the Great Wall
  • Suitable for any Chinese language levels;
  • Experienced teachers and warm-hearted coordinators;
  • Group classes 2 – 6 students, averaging 3 students;
  • Accommodation: live with a Chinese family or shared room in a international hotel;
  • Your children’s safety and happiness are our number one prioritie;

Chinese Summer Camp Programs offered in Beijing


Overall information:

  • Suitable for kids over 7 years old;
  • Chinese class customized by age and level;
  • 09:00 to 11:50, Chinese Lessons (Mon. to Fri.);
  • 12:00  to 13:00, Lunch Break at school;
  • 13:00  to 15:00, Chinese cultural Activities/city trip: Sat. excursions to the outskirts of Beijing;
  • Stay with parents/relatives in the evening;
  • Studying Chinese in the morning(option);


Overall information:

  • Suitable for kids over 12 years old;
  • Chinese class customized by age and level;
  • 09:00 to 11:50 Chinese Lessons (Mon. to Fri.);
  • 12:00  to 13:00, Lunch Break at school;
  • 13:00  to 15:00, Chinese cultural Activities/city trip: Sat. excursions to the outskirts of Beijing;
  • Live with a Chinese family (breakfast & dinner included);
  • Option for living (breakfast & dinner included) in a shared hotel/apartment with other campers (residential camp);


Overall information:

  • Suitable for kids over 7 years old together with their family;
  • Chinese class customized by age and level;
  • 09:00 to 11:50, Chinese Lessons (Mon. to Fri.);
  • 12:00  to 13:00, Lunch Break at school;
  • 13:00  to 15:00 Chinese cultural Activities/city trip: Sat. excursions to the outskirts of Beijing;
  • Saturday excursions/outdoor trips of your favorite choice;
  • All the family stay together;
  • We can design a tailor made summer camp for your family needs;

Additional information about our programs

Chinese Language Class (Morning)

  • Teachers have years of experiences in teaching Chinese to students;
  • Communicative Teaching Method: Chinese language will be greatly improved in a totally Chinese environment;
  • Like learning songs, stories and other;
  • Specialized textbooks for children according to their age and level;
  •  2 – 6 students, averaging 3 people;
  • Each lesson lasts 50 minutes with 10 minutes break;

Chinese Cultural Activities (Afternoon)

  • Diverse Chinese cultural activities in the afternoon;
  • Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese songs, Chinese films/ poems/stories are carefully selected according to the children’s age and level;
  • Sports activities: swimming, Chinese chess/games, Kungfu, Taiji etc;
  • Guided excursions to museum and historic sites in Beijing;
  • Tian’an men, Bird’s Nest & Water Cube, Hutong, 798 Art Zone, etc;

Accommodation, Full camp (Evening)

  • Children will stay in a safe, clean, comfortable apartment with a carefully selected host family and be a Chinese family member;
  • Private room with single bed, desk, wardrobe;
  • Shared sitting room with TV. DVD. Shared bathroom;
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon snacks and Dinner;
  • We can also provide both single room/ shared room with 2 meals per day in hotel/apartment;

Weekend Excursions

  • A-day excursion on Saturday weekly;
  • Guided excursion to sightseeing sites around Beijing: The Great Wall, The Summer Palace, Longqing Gorges, etc;
  • Assigned-teacher will accompany and take care of children;
  • Lunch will be served;
  • Note: only one main entrance ticket fee;

All prices are listed in CNY (Chinese Yuan)

Type 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
Day Camp 6,350 12,460 18,300 23,800
Class-only Camp 2,850 5,600 8,300 10,500


Full Camp Type 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
Full Camp – Homestay 10,800 20,950 30,950 39,950
Full Camp – Residential 9,800 18,950 27,300 35,200

Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing – Family Camp: Tailor-made a Chinese summer camp in Beijing for you to have a good time with your kids this summer.

2024  Chinese Language Camp Starting Dates:  10 June – 17 June – 24 June – 1 July – 8July – 15 July – 22 July – 29 July

Please note that prices do not include:

  1. Passport & Visa fee: Visa documentation: students are provided with documents for application of a visa where needed.
  2. Plane ticket and ticket insurance
  3. Buy your own medical and travel insurance for the whole duration of your stay before the program start.
  4. Accommodation (day camp)
  5. International calling, personal expenses and additional expenses for non-program related activities.

Why is a Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing the right choice for your children?

It’s demonstrated that at a young age the learning of a new language is much faster than an adult age. So our Chinese summer camp can be the right choice for your children cause it unify the learning of the Chinese language with a traditional summer camp formula. Your children will have a lot of recreational activities but will be totally immersed in a Chinese speaking environment, so they will grasp and learn the language in a fun and safe way.

Why join the Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing at Mandarin Zone School?

Since 2011 we managed and organized three Chinese Summer camp with around 100 students joining our school localed in Sanlitun, the embassy area of Beijing; Our teachers are caring and passionate about teaching Chinese to young age; Lots of interesting things to see and to do in Beijing. With Mandarin Zone your children will have an unforgettable memories and safe experience in Beijing and they will come back home with a solid fundamentals of the Chinese language.

chinese summer camp1“After evaluating many Chinese Language Camps for the summer in Beijing, we are glad to have selected Mandarin Zone! Making learning Chinese exciting for our 9 and 11 years old kids and incredibly educational for our family!

Mandarin Zone is a gem in Beijing! We are thankful for their patience, initiative and energy in making our learning fun!”

-The Tang family

chinese summer camp2“We would like to thank you again for everything! ……

We had a great summer in Beijing and two of my sons really enjoyed lessons in your School!”

We are now back to normal life in Berlin and would like to take online course……”


chinese summer camp3“We would like to thank you for making our daughter Georgia’s stay in Beijing a wonderful experience. 
She came back with many stories to tell about her exploring new places, learning Mandarin and the wonderful experience of staying with her host family.

Thank you for your kind hospitality and we look forward to using your school again!
– Kylie and Niguel

Frequently Asked Questions

Chinese class take place at Mandarin Zone School, downtown area of Beijing, Sanlitun Embassy area, very safe! About 8,5 km to Tian’anmen Square, Tuanjiehu subway station, Line 10 is downstairs of School building.

For totally beginner, teachers will use English as medium language, also body language, pictures, and videos to help students understand Chinese language. With student’s Chinese level increased, English are rarely used, Chinese will be used as much as possible as a targeted language, your children will be able to understand and speak more and more Chinese day by day!

Sightseeing in Beijing, to explore the Great Wall, the forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Chinese Kongfu, Making Kite, Chinese mask painting, clay, and discover old Beijing and learn Chinese culture.
Chinese class in the morning, do a different activities in the afternoon, visiting Olympic Village, learn Chinese painting and calligraphy. A variety of interesting activities.
On weekends, we do day trips to some places bit far from center of Beijing, such as the Great Wall. Learning Chinese and enjoy holiday in Beijing with Mandarin Zone School.

Parents are welcome to join the outdoor activities, relax and sightseeing in Beijing.

Host families in Beijing are carefully chosen, we have partnership with dozens of Beijing local families that are very happy to welcome you into their home. You will have breakfast and dinner with the family (included in the cost of the homestay) so every day you will have the chance to eat many different Chinese authentic dishes.

Host families are within 30 minutes to Mandarin Zone school, one subway station is downstairs of School building, very convenient in Beijing.
Let us know your preference for the host family when fill out the registration form.

It is very hot during summer in Beijng, July and August are the hottest months with the highest temperature around 37 C (99 F), average in the day is 25 C (77 F).

Yes, 5% off for participants together.

Yes, please take a note when you fill out the registration form.

Yes, students are welcome!
We would like to suggest total beginners to join us from the beginning of the camp, this may suit their level best.

All legal Chinese Visas are acceptable! If you come to China for a short-term visit, a tourist L visa is good, also it is easy to acquire.
Contact us if need any help from our side.

About 100-200 CNY per day for pocket money, enough for them to buy snacks, souvenirs, etc..

For students who are abroad, you can pay by transfer, WesterUnion or Paypal in EUR or USD.
For students who are already in Beijing or you have friends in Beijing, we accept cash, debit card,Wechat Pay, Alipay in CNY.
Bank service fees will be to the account of the student.

The perfect summer camp is waiting for you!