HSK Test Dates 2023


The HSK ( 汉语水平考试Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì), or the Chinese Proficiency Test is an international standardized exam which tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. More HSK introduction.



There are two different forms of exam, paper-based test (笔试bǐ shì) and internet-based test( 网考wǎng kǎo, or 网络考试 wǎng luò kǎo shì).



Internet-Based HSK Test Dates 2023

Test Dates   Registration  Deadline Score Release
Jan 07 (Sat) Dec-28, 2022 Jan-30※
Mar 18 (Sat) Mar-16 Apr-10※
Apr 09 (Sun) Mar-8 Apr-24
May 14 (Sun) May-4 May-29
Jun 16 (Sun) Jun-01 Jun-26
Jul 16 (Sun) Jul-06 Aug-01
Aug 20(Sun) Aug-10 Sep-04
Sep 16 (Sat) Sep-07 Oct-09※
Oct 15 (Sun) Oct-05 Oct-30
Nov 18 (Sat) Nov-08 Dec-04
Dec 03(Sun) Nov-23 Dec-18

※ Score announcement delayed for one week due to festival vacation.

Paper-Based HSK Test Dates 2023

Test Dates   Registration Deadline Score Release
Jan 07 (Sat) Dec-11, 2022 Feb-14※
Mar 18 (Sat) Feb-19 Apr-18
Apr 09 (Sun) Mar-13 May-16※
May 14 (Sat) Apr-17 Jun-14
Jun 11 (Sun) May-15 Jul-11
Jul 16 (Sun) Jun-19 Aug-16
Aug 20(Sun) Jul-24 Sep-20
Sep 17 (Sat) Aug-20 Oct-23※
Oct 15 (Sun) Sep-18 Nov-15
Nov 18 (Sat) Oct-22 Dec-18
Dec 03(Sun) Nov-06 Jan-3, 2024

※ Score announcement delayed for one week due to festival vacation.

Internet-based test VS Paper-based  test

The two formats of the HSK are identical in difficulty level, test content, and scoring criteria.

Paper-based Test (笔试bǐ shì)

You will be required to sit at a desk with the question papers and answer sheets in an official HSK test center. You will need to write your answers in either 2B-pencil or pen.

Internet-based Test (网考 wǎng kǎo)

You need to register for a network-based test at an official test center that provides computer network-based test service. The computer network-based test shall be completed under the supervision of invigilators, the same as the paper-based test.

Questions will be presented on a computer screen and you will be required to submit answers through the use of a keyboard and a mouse.

How to register for the HSK exam?

You can register on chinesetest.cn by clicking ‘New User’ at the top right corner of the page. From there on you can choose a country, region, city, date, and level.

What score do I need to pass?

You need to have at least 60% of the answers right to pass. This means 120 points out of 200 for HSK 1&2, and 180 out of 300 for HSK3 and above.
Full scour is 100, passing score is 60.

How long is my HSK certificate and HSK Scores valid?



HSK diploma is a lifetime certification,it is valid permanently.

If you plan to apply to a college or university in China, your HSK scores are valid for two years only from the date you take the test.

It is the end of 2022, what is your study plan and goal for HSK 2023?


HSK Changes in 2023

Starting from 2023, HSK 3 to HSK 6 candidates are required to take both HSK and HSK Speaking Test (HSKK). Check HSK 2023 Update. 

If you are going to attend HSK 3, you must  take the Beginner level Speaking test;
For HSK 4, you must take the Intermediate level Speaking test.
For HSK5 and HSK6 , you must take the Advanced level Speaking test.

HSK Test Fees

Tests Price in CNY
HSK1 150
HSK2 250
HSK3 350 +200 (HSKK Beginner))
HSK4 450+300 (HSKK Intermediate)
HSK5 550+400 (HSKK Advanced)
HSK6 650+400 (HSKK Advanced)


You will receive one certificate for both written and speaking tests.

We will always continue to update HSK news with the latest information, make sure you book this page and stay tuned!