Why June 18th became a Shopping Festival?

The 618 Shopping Festival (June 18th, this Sunday) is here again! What is 618 and why, let’s find out.

618 Meanings in Chinese

The number 618 is consist of three numbers.

Figure 6 Meaning in Chinese
The figure 6, written as “六 (liù)” in Chinese, stands for “smoothly and going well”.

“六六大顺 (liù liù dà shùn)”, which is always used to wish other and everything goes well.

Figure 8 Meaning in Chinese

The figure 8 is pronounced in Chinese similar to the character “发 (fā)” in the Chinese word “发财 (fā cái)”, which means to get rich.

lucky number

Figure 1 Meaning in Chinese

In most cases you will pronounce the number “1” as “一 (yī)” when wanting to say “one.”

But, the sound “yāo” can replace “yī” when discussing phone numbers ,room numbers and bus numbers.

“yāo” is much similar to a Chinese word “要 (yào)” meaning want

What is 618 Shopping Festival?

618 represents the date of June 18.

618 Shopping Festival is the second largest Shopping Festival in China.

This party lasts 18 days (June 1st – 18th), China’s e-commerce landscape is filled with promotional activities.

Why June 18th became a Shopping Festival?

618 Shopping Festival was started by JD (京东Jīngdōng, JD.com)to celebrate it founding. JD rolls out promotions every year on its birthday (June 18th)

JD (京东Jīngdōng) was founded by Liu Qiangdong(刘强东 Liú Qiángdōng) on June 18th, 1998, and its retail platform went online in 2004.

618 Shopping Festival was first started in 2010, as a competitor to the shopping festival launched by rival Taobao(淘宝táo bǎo), Singles’ Day (or Double 11 in Chinese).


618 has become the second largest shopping day in China after Singles’ Day (November 11th).

Popular Chinese Online Shopping Sites

Jd.com (Jīngdōng 京东), Taobao.com ( táo bǎo 淘宝) , Tmall.com (Tiānmāo 天猫), Pinduoduo.com (pīn duō duo 拼多多), Xiaohongshu.com (xiǎohóngshū 小红书),Vip.com (wéi pǐn huì 唯品会).

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