Top 8 Most Popular Chinese Summer Foods

What is your favour Chinese Summer foods? If you’re wondering what Chinese people eat according to traditional Chinese medicine. Here are Eight Chinese summer foods to get you started.

Watermelon – 西瓜 xī guā  learn-chinese

Watermelon is the most favour Chinese summer foods.
In Chinese Medicine, the watermelon fruit clears heat, relieving both thirst and irritability.Boil dried watermelon seeds in water to make a tea that promotes urination and lowers high blood pressure.

Those with weakened digestive systems shouldn’t eat too much watermelon as it can create damage since it is cold.

Cucumber – 黄瓜 huáng guā

Cucumber clears summer heat and eliminate toxins according to traditional Chinese medicine.
Being 95% water, eating cucumbers also replenishes our bodies with the water we’ve lost in summer.

Bitter melon – 苦瓜 kǔ guāchinese-coures

Viewed as a cooling food in traditional Chinese medicine, bitter melons help to expel summer heat, reduce inflammation. They are also rich in vitamin C, iron, and fiber.

The bitterness comes from a substance called momordicin, which promotes appetite while protecting the lining of our stomach and intestines.

Winter melon – 冬瓜 dōng guā

Winter melon is believed to have a cooling element from a Chinese medical perspective. It could reducethe “heat” in your system.

When cooked, winter melon becomes soft and translucent, with a mild, refreshing flavor.

 learning-chineseLotus root – 莲藕 lián’ǒu

Lotus root to your diet can help in preventing allergies, infections and several fungal infections like ringworm.

Since people tend to eat icy food in summer can weaken the spleen and the stomach. When you cooked the lotus root, it becomes warm in nature, and strengthens the spleen and the stomach.

Ginger – 姜 jiāng

In summer hot days, our body desires to eat more cold foods and drinks, that may weaken our gut and digestive system.
Ginger has pungent taste and warm nature, can be used to disperse wind-cold in our body.

Mung Bean Soup-绿豆汤 lǜ dòu tānɡ

summer-chinese-foods– 绿豆(lǜ dòu) mung bean
– 汤(tānɡ) soup

Mung bean soup-绿豆汤 (lǜ dòu tāng) is a soup made with mung bean and water as the main ingredients, which has the effect of quenching thirst and relieving heat.It is usually eaten chilled during very hot days. It can cool you down instantly.

Job’s Tears – 薏米 yì mǐ

In traditional Chinese medicine, Job’s Tears is thought to have cooling and diuretic properties, helping to reduce inflammation in our body, which accumulates over the summer.

What others foods do you like in hot summer? Let us know by leaving a message below!