Paper-based HSK VS Internet-based HSK Test

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi -汉语 水平 考试) , is the standard exam for measuring Chinese proficiency.
There are two kinds of test, the paper-based HSK and  Internet-based HSK test. Any difference? Which is better for you? Lets have a look!

Question 11,
What are the difference between paper-based HSK and internet-based HSK test?

They are identical in cost, difficulty level, test content and scoring criteria.


1) Test in an official HSK test center

Paper-based test Internet-based
you are answering
with 2B pencils and on anwser sheets.
you are answering
with a computer,
keyboard and mouse

2) Registration Time

Paper-based test Internet-based
4 weeks (at least)
before the test date.
 10 days before the
test date.



Take June 2022 for example, test date: June 12 (Sunday)

    Deadline of registration
Paper-based Internet-based
May 16 June 2

3) Score Announcement Time

Paper-based test Internet-based
Four weeks two weeks

Take June 2022 for example   Test date: June 12 (Sunday)

Score announcement
paper-based Internet-based
July 12 June 27

4) Handwriting VS Typing Characters

let’s have a look HSK 1-6 writing section.

HSK 1-2
You don’t have to know Chinese character on HSK 1 and HSK 2.
All questions and choices are presented along with Pinyin.

HSK 3-6you have to recognize and write or type Chinese characters.
Take HSK 3 writing section for example
Section 1
You are required to  form sentences with the given words.
Example :  小 船 上 一 河 条 有
Answer:    小河上有一条船

Section 2  

Write Chinese characters with the Pinyin
Example:  没 (
Answer:  没 (  关 )系,别难过,高兴点儿。

Take HSK 4 writing section for example
Section 1
You are required to  form sentences with the given words.
Example :  那座桥 800年的  历史  有  了

Section 2 

Write one sentence according to the picture and keyword.
hsk test


Answer:  她很喜欢打乒乓球



Take HSK 5 writing section for example
Section 1
You are required to form sentences with the given words.
Example :  发表 这篇论文 什么时候 是 的
Answer:     这篇论文是什么时候发表的?

Section 2
You are required to write two essays, each over 80 characters in 40 minutes.
Exercise 1

Exercise 2



Take HSK 6 writing section for example
1) You will have 10 minutes to read an article of about 1,000 words.

2) You will then have 35 minutes to summarise the article in about 400 characters.You cannot use the text anymore.

3) You will have to find a title and summarise the article without giving your opinion.

Most of learners learned to recognize, read and type Chinese characters, few of learners take time practicing handwriting. If you are one of them, maybe internet-based test is a good choice.

5) Correcting and Rewriting

Paper-based test Internet-based
When correct and rewrite, easily make paper look like a mess. Copy and paste like a Word document,keep test paper clean.

Examiners can be very subjective when they score the writing tests, if you handwriting looks good, you might get a higher score. Otherwise, you might lost some points.

Think about your handwring and your tpying skills, which one are you good at? Then, you will find the answer!

To be continued…

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