Immersive Mandarin: 7 Benefits of Summer Camp for Language Learners

Chinese language courses are growing in popularity.

benefits of summer campIn 2017, almost 230,000 American youths had signed up to one. Furthermore, that same source notes how the number of young Americans learning Mandarin had doubled between 2009 and 2015.

Clearly, more and more young people are opting to learn Chinese as a second language.

However, despite its growing popularity among American students, learning Chinese as a second language is no simple task! Indeed, learning any second language isn’t easy!

That’s why additional learning opportunities are so important.

Simply, the more opportunity there is to practice, the quicker you’ll advance. However, online classes and weekly sessions might not cut it. There’s no replacement for ongoing, intensive, fun-filled and face-to-face learning.

Foreign summer camps for language learning offer all that and more. Intrigued?

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of summer camp for improving Chinese capabilities.

7 Top Benefits of Summer Camp When Learning Chinese

Interested in foreign summer camps for language learnings? Here are a few of the main benefits they offer.

1. Improve Your Chinese

This one almost goes without saying. But we’ll say it anyway!

Going on a foreign summer language camp will inevitably help to improve your second language skills. These camps are specifically designed for this purpose. For one, you’re usually doing the learning in the actual country where that language is spoken. That means there’s endless opportunity to practice.

Similarly, these camps provide native speaking teachers, with years of experience. Classes are designed to be safe and comfortable spaces to practice, with expert tuition. Textbooks are specialized and cater for all ages and capabilities.

These camps provide intensive, yet fun-filled, learning opportunities that will develop abilities in no time. Returning home, the advances they’ve made over summer will put them top of the class, and help them excel.

2. Develop New Skills

The skills learned at camp aren’t restricted to language though.

Far from it.

In fact, young people develop a whole host of personal skills to take back home. Interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership skills, team-working skills, and so on, will all be honed at camp. There’s nothing quite like travel to test, stretch and challenge someone into self-discovery and progress.

3. Combine Education and Activity

These summer camps aren’t all about education.

Sure, that may be the primary reason to go along. However, there is a tonne of fun to be had outside of the classroom too.

Most days there are activities to be enjoyed in the local area and beyond. From sight-seeing to adventurous activities, and weekend excursions, there’s masses to enjoy. It all works in collaboration with learning.

What better way to learn? After spending the week learning how to describe the Great Wall of China, it’s then right before your eyes at the weekend!

4. Continued Education in Summer Months

The summer months can go on forever.

All that learning and progress that’s been made in term time can quickly dissipate. Enter summer camps. Education doesn’t stop when the school closes. Instead, the months in between terms are put to good use.

Young people who choose to continue their studies will re-enter class with masses of stories and newfound knowledge to impress their peers.

Likewise, it’s far easier to hit the ground running as term recommences. A lazy summer devoid of hard work can make the transition back to class structure and homework seem tedious. This is less of a problem after a summer camp full of hard work and new experience.

Learning has remained a component of routine. That can equate to a massive head start at the beginning of a new year.

5. Increased Confidence

Think about what it takes to leave the comfort of home and head overseas.

Courage, bravery, curiosity, and a willingness to step outside of comfort zones are just a few. The outcome of this leap into the unknown is usually a huge boost to confidence and self-esteem.

Summer camps rarely fail to transform young adults. Shyness and insecurity slip away. The time abroad leaves an indelible positive mark, which remains long after the trip is over.

6. Learn About a New Culture

Learning a language is obviously a major asset.

Learning about new cultures is another. Travel is always great at bursting bubbles and testing preconceptions. Camps broaden horizons as well as our understanding of the world and the people within it. You can’t get that from a textbook.

There’s no replacement for being in situ and experiencing a place first-hand.

Attendees of summer camp in China will stay with a Chinese family in their home. They’ll eat the same food, share the same household, and explore Beijing altogether. This is an amazing way to gain true insight into a culture and country.

7. Make Friends for Life

Summer camps are intense experiences.

Regardless of their longevity, they bring people together in new, and often challenging experiences. Young people, who begin as strangers, spend hours with each other every day, learning, exploring and enjoying everything together.

Newfound best friends form very quickly. This is one reward for the bravery involved in stepping into the unknown. Camp-made friendships can last a lifetime, long after the camp itself is over.

Equally, the connections made on camp can remain in place to continue the language learning at home. Classmates may no longer be at the same level upon your return home. But friends from camp are likely to be able a good match!

Time to Get Learning

There you have it: 7 benefits of summer camp for language learners.

Learning Chinese as a second language is becoming increasingly popular among American young people. However, like any language, it takes time and hard work to master!

Overseas summer camps oriented around language learning are a fantastic opportunity. Putting the summer months to good use, you’re guaranteed to make serious progress. However, as we’ve seen, the benefits don’t stop there.

Hopefully, with all we’ve discussed, we’ve convinced you of the immense value in attending a camp!

Do you know someone interested in trying one out next summer? Be sure to contact us today to find out more.