How to Prepare HSK Test

China’s Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi ( HSK, Chinese Proficiency Test)


HSK is the standardized national test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers in Chinese and is used by universities to assess the enrolment of foreign students and by a number of Chinese companies looking for foreign workers.

Step 1: Assess Your Level
Recent chagnes to the HSK (the New HSK) have made the test more practical and more easier. Check our the official test site ( for guidelines on each level, and a practice test. A better way to assess yourself is taking the myriad online practice tests to see where you fit in—and which level you’ww end up aiming for.

Step 2: Register Online
1)Students can get their universities to sign them up.
2) Students have to DIY online. It is very ease—and mostly in English.
Go to register( and click on the level you want to take. Then register with your email address and a password. You’ll then be asked to select a test date and place. After that, just confirm your registration, check your inbox and pay the registration fees at your chosen test center.

Step 3: Get cracking
Take HSK course at Mandarin Zone School, teacher will teach you the skills of HSK, nowmatter private class or group Classes
If you’re a long-wolf type, you can chose HSK pre books from bookstore.


Step 4: The Big Day
If you registered and paid for the HSK before the deadline. You’ll get a confirmation letter about two weeks before the exam date. You’ll also be able to print our a test admission ticket from the website. His piece of paper will not only allow you into the testing cener on the exam day, but you can also long onto the website and check exam results online.