How to improve your chinese pronunciation:

Chinese Pronuncation is very important, tones are an integral part of Chinese language. Learningmandarin Chinese pronunciationhelps in improving your spoken Chinese!


1, Learn Pinyin.

Not only is it used throughout this book to explain proper Chinese pronunciation, it is needed to look up words in dictionaries and for typing in Chinese. It is boring to learn Pinyin, but worth it!



2, Pay attention to the tones.

The most difficult part for Chinese pronuncation is the tones. Since there are so few syllables in Chinese, there are many homonyms, making attention to tones very important. Learning to write the pinyin with correct tones at the same time as you learn the characters will improve your pronunciation and your listening comprehension.

Tone Tone 2

3, Read the text aloud.

Speaking (and hearing yourself speaking) will help reinforce the text in your memory. Exaggerating the tones can help you remember them.

4, Find a Chinese language partner.

There may be a Chinese Language club in a nearby city or university. There are also free sites on the internet that can help set you up with a language exchange using SKYPE or othe VIP programs.

5, Listen to Chinese media.

A wide variety of multimedia options exist for exposing your ears to native Chinese speaking. Download as much audio as you can from these sites to your MP3 player and start listening. Your goal is to listen to Chinese audio whenever you’re in the car, or commuting, or doing other mechanical tasks.