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How to Improve Chinese Reading Ability?

How to Improve Chinese Reading Ability? How to improve Chinese reading ability and remember more Chinese characters? when you add repetition and consistency,you’ll be surprised how much your memory can improve. Below are six ways to improve your Chinese reading skills. Get the right books! All-purpose Chinese Character Cards  汉字一卡通 ISBN: 978-7-5619-1950-7 Press :Beijing language [...]

The Best Way to Learn Chinese

The Best Way to Learn Chinese A lot of people regard Mandarin Chinese as a very difficult language. How hard is it to learn Chinese? Actually, Chinese is not as hard as you think compared with French, German or Spanish! Specially for people who take Chinese language course in Beijing or learn Chinese in [...]

How to Improve your Chinese Pronunciation

How to improve your chinese pronunciation: Chinese Pronuncation is very important, tones are an integral part of Chinese language. Learningmandarin Chinese pronunciationhelps in improving your spoken Chinese!   1, Learn Pinyin. Not only is it used throughout this book to explain proper Chinese pronunciation, it is needed to look up words in dictionaries and for [...]

How to Prepare HSK Test?

How to Prepare HSK Test China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi ( HSK, Chinese Proficiency Test) HSK is the standardized national test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers in Chinese and is used by universities to assess the enrolment of foreign students and by a number of Chinese companies looking for foreign [...]

Improve Chinese Listening Skills

Mandarin Zone share this useful online materials to improve chinese listening skills. TV & Movies for Intermediate Level 家(jiā)有(yǒu)儿(ér)女(nǚ) 我(wǒ)爱(ài)我(wǒ)家(jiā) Chinese Kids' Songs for Beginner Level 两只老虎 (liǎngzhīlǎohǔ) 小兔子乖乖 (xiǎotùzǐguāiguāi) [...]

Chinese Pinyin Introduction

The Chinese Pinyin introduction is a must see video for any student who want to learn Chinese language.

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