Mandarin Zone Chinese Language School

Located in Sanlitun, the embassies’ area of Beijing. Founded in 2008, it’s a Chinese language school that provides effective language training as well as other culture related service to non-native-speakers. With a variety of Chinese courses and programs for adult and children, for short term and long term, Mandarin Zone School offers the flexibility to choose the right program and course for your Chinese study.


chinese language school


chinese language school


chinese language school



Why you should learn Chinese at Mandarin Zone School?

Since 2008 we had the chance to prepare people from all over the world, with many different age range, from beginner to advanced, from students of plenty majors (some not satisfied by the Chinese University with classroom of 20/30 students, which come here to correct their pronunciation) to professionals from different industries (a big share of our students are from Embassies and large Enterprises). This wide and varied teaching background allow us to really understand and be able to satisfy the learning needs of basically any students who desire to study in our school. We have passionate and qualified teachers that are working here since many years and that were able to develop and adapt the right teaching method based on the students needs.

Why you should learn Chinese in Beijing?

Beijing is the capital and the political and cultural center of China; but the most important reason is that in Beijing the people speak the most standard Chinese: in fact when we talk about Chinese language we intend the standard Chinese (Putonghua , Hanyu) which has the phonology based on the Beijing dialect. It means that together with your study classes you will have the chance to be surrounded by people who speak a very standard Chinese, this can help your improvement of the language.
Beijing is an ancient and beautiful city, rich of history and at the same time an international and vibrant metropolis.


  • I found a professional, flexible and friendly environment and I got a customized service that I’m sure will help me to succeed in my career… Sandro from Italy
  • I arrived in Beijing with absolutely no Chinese language skills, after starting to study with my teacher, I learned a lot of vocabulary for the daily life… Anne from Germany
  • After one year of studying I attend and pass the test for HSK Level 5. I feel to strongly recommend Mandarin Zone school to all the students… Stephen from Australia

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We cooperate with enterprises and government institutions in Beijing since 2008, here there are some of them: