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Things You Should to Know about Chinese Drinking Culture

Things You Should Know about Chinese Drinking Culture Chinese drinking culture you should know! Perhaps you are a manager who is about to attend a few business dinners or you are meeting your significant other’s family at a dinner in China. A multitude of etiquette considerations occur also when dining. There are some special differences in [...]

Things to Know about Chinese Shopping Culture

Things to Know about Chinese Shopping Culture Chinese shopping culture you should know! Visiting or living in China, you need to know things about shopping culture in China, whether you're shopping for clothes, food, or souvenirs, it can help you gain a new cultural experience and find the right thing! 1, Most Vendors only Accept Cash [...]

Learn Chinese in Beijing for two hours

Learn Chinese in Beijing for Two Hours Can you learn Chinese in Beijing in  just two hours? What could you learn from those two hours of Chinese classes? What do you want to learn? What's your goal? You will be surprised to find out what you can learn in just two hours, take for example one of our [...]

Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing 2015

Chinese Summer Camp in Beijing 2015   Every year, Mandarin Zone School holds a Chinese Summer Camp from June to August. Students come from all different countries to enjoy a holiday while studying Chinese in Beijing. The Chinese Summer Camp merges Chinese language classes, the instruction in Chinese culture art and traditional crafts, guided excursions [...]

Useful Websites for Beijingers

  Beijing is the capital of China, and it's home of nearly two dozens million people. Everyday there is something going on and if you want to be informed about all the news and events, or simply to know where to go to have dinner, you can consult these useful websites that are a [...]

Japanese Magazine Visited Mandarin Zone

Japanese Magazine Whenever, on Saturday 7th March came to Mandarin Zone School to interview our teacher and one of our japanese student. Before she was taking our group class but then, due to her busy schedule, she decided to switch to private class with our experienced teacher He Laoshi. You can join our school and improve [...]