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Learn Chinese in China – Let’s Do It Right!

The Chinese language – Mandarin is the most widely spoken language worldwide. Learning Chinese opens up vast opportunities in many ways – education, business, employment, travel, exchange programs etc. As China became a major economic player in the global market, taking Chinese language course is one of the gateway to these opportunities – no matter in which stage of life you are in.

learning chinese in china

Language is all about practice, practice, practice. While this may sound like a lot of work, its actually easier to be done when you are doing it right, in the right place. The best way to learn and  really see effective results, is when you use it as often as possible. So, it’s best to pick the right place and environment, better yet, is to be in the language country of origin itself. Learn French in France, learn Chinese in China! Sure, you may take Chinese language class in your home country or as part of your elective in the university, however chances of really using the language effectively can be a challenge if you are not persistent to practise it enough in anyway that you can, otherwise it can be easily forgotten.

 Why Is it Best to Learn Chinese in China?

chineseBecause of everything – road signs, restaurant menu, social media, product labeling in the supermarket, public transportation, all the local people around you (even foreigners) conversing in Chinese…, basically all the aspects that you will be in touch with when living in China – they are all in Chinese. Experiencing these things gives you a deeper understanding – its beyond textbooks or online learning.
Being in a Chinese environment and culture, will make you immerse yourself in the culture and use Chinese language effectively; thus all the effort and time you put in for learning and understanding Chinese, will be put to use, and not wasted. In fact, you will be surprised at how quickly you can catch up. By the time you realize it, you are already making an order for kungpao chicken and tell the cab driver where you intend to go – completely in Chinese. Many foreigners started learning Chinese by just listening, although they do not read or write a single stroke. This is how powerful the right environment can be in stimulating learning effectiveness.

Another important reason is that China has accredited and reliable Chinese schools and  Chinese Language programs available which is vital for effective learning and language performance certifications. Don’t just learn Chinese, get yourself certified for your language proficiency and this will earn you an extra advantage and competitiveness, be it in the job market, business or personal character development. Studies have shown that people with certified foreign language capabilities have higher confidence than those who don’t when it comes to competing in the global stage. So, if you are still wondering – is Chinese difficult to learn for Westerners or non-Chinese speakers? Do it right and it will be easy!

Let’s Go to China! Where to Begin?


China is huge – where to go first? There are so many attractive cities, all with their respective local attractions, and having thousands of years of historic features, not to mention their local dialects. With zero Chinese when you land in China, you might need to first decide where and how to start, and start well. Despite being the official language and also learned at school, Mandarin Chinese is not the only dialect spoken in China. In different regions, there’ s also Cantonese which is very common in Hong Kong and Macau, and in Taiwan, Taiwanese or Hakka. Nevertheless, Mandarin is learned in schools and is commonly known in all these regions, so it would be best to learn Mandarin Chinese before other dialects. Mandarin will allow you to communicate with almost anyone in China, and other overseas Chinese communities around the world.Beijing and Shanghai are two most popular cities to start with.

Chinese Language Schools /Chinese Language Training Centers in China

Learn Chinese in China

Unless you would like to just settle with learning without certifications, it would be best to learn Chinese in an accredited school, which provides conducive learning and experienced native teachers. While “unofficial teachers” can also provide you personalised Chinese teaching using books and adapt to your flexible timing, they may not be equipped with important aspects for effective learning like schools do – quiet classroom instead of in a cafe with people around, well-organised syllabus, experienced teaching styles and most importantly accreditation and certification of your language level. Most professional individuals, corporates and Embassies would choose schools to ensure their credibilities.

Don’t be shy to ask your Chinese teacher how to learn Chinese, and you should know the best way to learn Chinese. There’s nothing to be afraid of when speaking a new language so don’t be scared when it comes to speaking Chinese!

Personal Tutor

Some people may choose to have a personal tutor at home due to flexibility in terms of learning hour, tutor rate per hour or any other related reasons. While it is, of course, a personal choice who you wish to pick as your language teacher – some may be based on recommendation by another student, or you may know someone native whom you can directly learn from instead of taking classes officially in a classroom.

Making the Right Choice

ChoiceThere are so many options for Chinese language programs. A search online and you will find so many ways to learn Chinese in China – enroll in a Chinese university, private teaching schools or get personal private tutors. It all depends on your preferences and needs, but whichever choice you make, how do you know if you picked the right one, or most importantly worth for you to spend your money on?

As it is widely common for foreigners to look for Chinese tutors outside of schools, Chinese teaching has been a lucrative source of income for individuals who chooses to teach despite not having the right capabilities to teach proper. Not to give out any false alarm, but it is advisable to get more opinions before you decide. If the Chinese language tuition fee is your main concern, you should also consider your time and result. While you might find tutors who offer low rates, many schools also provide classes that are cheaper in groups and affordable rates even for personalized one-on-one tutoring. Due to high demand on time flexibility among professionals who cannot commit to day classes, many schools provide flexible hours and night Chinese classes or weekend Chinese classes that suit these requirements. Also these schools will have many teachers who are bi-lingual as they work with corporate clients, so you can do better consultations in English comfortably, and rely on their professionalism in handling foreigner issues.

If You Can Speak Chinese……


  • Learning Chinese will improve your job prospects. If you can put on your CV that you can speak fluent Chinese, then you put yourself ahead of the rest of the pack who are going for the job.
  • You can communicate with 1.3 billion people
    Learning Chinese can potentially help you to make many fascinating or even powerful friends   and create so many new, unique opportunities for yourself in life.
  • You will see Massive opportunities…..
    China is not only the factory of the world, but also the quickest growing market on the planet. It has one billion consumers. There are massive marketing opportunities.
  • Even more……

Learning Chinese is a growing trend, more and more people are learning or considering taking Chinese language class. Also due to the global expansion of China, companies worldwide are increasing recruiting staff that can speak Chinese.
Chinese language open a new world to you. Now, it is time to learn Chinese in China!