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Chinese Language

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Improve Chinese Listening Skills

Mandarin Zone share this useful online materials to improve chinese listening skills. TV & Movies for Intermediate Level 家(jiā)有(yǒu)儿(ér)女(nǚ) 我(wǒ)爱(ài)我(wǒ)家(jiā) Chinese Kids' Songs for Beginner Level 两只老虎 (liǎngzhīlǎohǔ) 小兔子乖乖 (xiǎotùzǐguāiguāi) [...]

Pictographs Chinese Characters

Check this video to discover some of the Pictographs Chinese Characters.

Chinese Pinyin Introduction

The Chinese Pinyin introduction is a must see video for any student who want to learn Chinese language.

Japanese Magazine Visited Mandarin Zone

Japanese Magazine Whenever, on Saturday 7th March came to Mandarin Zone School to interview our teacher and one of our japanese student. Before she was taking our group class but then, due to her busy schedule, she decided to switch to private class with our experienced teacher He Laoshi. You can join our school and improve [...]