Learn Chinese in Beijing for Two Hours

Learn Chinese in Beijing

Can you learn Chinese in Beijing in  just two hours? What could you learn from those two hours of Chinese classes? What do you want to learn? What’s your goal? You will be surprised to find out what you can learn in just two hours, take for example one of our students Elisa, a young girl from Italy.

Elisa is a very smart Italian girl who visited Beijing this summer to see her uncle. Accompanied by her uncle,  Elisa came to Mandarin Zone school.  She took a two hour Chinese class at Mandarin Zone School with one of our experienced teacher.

Lets have a look what she learnt in two hours of Chinese class in Beijing:
Chinese Pinyin (Initials and Fininals and Tones)
– The difference between phonetic and ideogram language
How to count from 1 to 100
– Buying and bargaining in a shop
– Introducing herself and her Chinese name.
– Say Ni Hao (Hello), Zaijian (Bye), Xiexie( Thanks ), Bu ke qi (you are welcome), Duibuqi (Sorry), Meiguanxi (no problem).

Basic strokes of Chinese characters and simple Chinese characters
– Speak correctly and write her Chinese name using Chinese Characters

Elisa learnt all this in just two hours, good girl! Well done! We are pround of her great achievement!

Now 伊丽萨 (yī lìsà- Elisa) understands and loves the Chinese language. She will start to learn Chinese when she is back Italy. We hope she can speak Chinese fluently in the future!